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Grade 3 Camp Cancelled

In line with government regulations the 2021 grade 3 camp has been cancelled. Thank you.


Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,

Apologies for the late email, at 6.30pm tonight (Saturday) we have had confirmation that James Merlino the Minister for Education has announced the following:

We need to slow the spread of the virus and get in front of this outbreak. That is why Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has declared that all metropolitan Melbourne restrictions – except for the curfew – are in place across regional Victoria from 1pm today until 11.59pm Thursday, 2 September.

That means regional schools will return to remote learning - other than vulnerable kids, or kids of essential workers who can’t care for children at home.

Teachers and school support staff have been brilliant throughout this pandemic - and to help them prepare, Monday will be a pupil free day in regional Victoria. Children of essential workers and vulnerable kids can still be supervised but there will be no remote learning on Monday.

To parents and carers across our regions - trust your principals, teachers and school staff. They know what they’re doing, and have done a remarkable job under the most difficult of circumstances right throughout the past 18 months.

As a result, Monday the 23rd August will be a school closure pupil free day for the St Michaels community to provide school staff with time to enact their remote schooling program. 

Parents, guardians or carers who are unable to provide adequate supervision and have exhausted all other care options for their children, may send their children to school on Monday 23rd August. Students attending school will be supervised by appropriate staff, however a learning program will not be provided.

If it is absolutely necessary for your child to attend school on Monday please email: 

Kind regards,

Jodie Ware and Lia DiCorleto

Remote Learning

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,

As you all know Regional Victoria will be returning to lockdown at 1pm today (Saturday) and remote learning will commence again as of Monday 23rd August 2021. Teachers will be communicating with you via email and through the use of google classroom during this time.

School will be closed during this time but will stay open for students in the following categories. (Please note that the reasons for sending your child to school for onsite supervision have changed again):

Children who meet the below criteria will be able to send their child for onsite supervision.

The criteria for attendance will be for:

  • Children of essential workers who are both unable to work from home and have an Authorised Worker permit to allow them to work away from home; 
    • where there are two parents, guardians or carers, both must be essential workers, working outside the home
    • for single parents, guardians or carers, the essential worker must be working outside the home
  • Children who have  been deemed a vulnerable child by a government agency, funded family or family violence service, and assessed as requiring education and care outside the family home ;
  • Children identified by a school or early childhood service as vulnerable, (including via referral from a government agency, or funded family or family violence service, homeless or youth justice service or mental health or other health service) 
  • Children with a disability who are vulnerable or where their disability creates family stress. 

The Principal or members of the School Leadership Team will request to see copies of the parent(s), guardian(s) and/or carer(s) Authorised Worker Permit(s) as per current government guidelines.

These are very clear guidelines regarding who is able to access on-site supervision. The intent behind this measure is to ensure the safety of staff and students in schools by limiting who can attend, so it is not possible for all staff and students to be at school at this time. 

As such, supervision will be provided primarily by Education Support Officers and Casual Relieving Teachers as class teachers will be working from home to provide remote learning. Those supervising at school are not staff or teachers that your children would typically work with, so please be mindful of this. 

Parent(s), guardian(s) and carer(s) wishing to send their children to school for on-site learning will be required to complete an On-Site Intentions Form by Sunday 3pm each week.  

Any requests due to changed circumstances after that time can be made via phone during school hours for consideration. 

Victoria’s public health team are also strongly recommending that primary school aged children, when they are not at home, wear a mask as an extra precaution against this virus.

Onsite Intention Form 23rd - 27th August 2021

Stay safe and well! 

Kind regards

Jodie Ware and Lia DiCorleto